Drug Distribution for the Animals at the Puerto Vallarta Animal Shelter

Tick and Flea Control


Fipronil works by affecting the parasite's nervous system causing paralysis and death. Fipronil spreads over the body with the body oils in about 24 hours after application killing 100% of the fleas or ticks within 24-48 hours.

1 application of this medication/procedure

Where do donations go?

The municipal government has a limited budget to run the Puerto Vallarta animal shelter. Basically they pay for property taxes, electricity and water bill and the salary of most of the staff. Thanks to your donations to organizations Friends of Puerto Vallarta Animals and Dog 4 Life as well as the occasional direct-to-the-centre private and corporate donations, medicines, food, cleaning supplies, etc. for the dogs and cats are bought on a regular basis. This page shows you how some of the donations are spent.

If you wish to donate to help the animals at our shelter please click on the button below.