¿Would you like to join our group of volunteers of Friends of PV Animals?

As a volunteer you will see the joy abandoned dogs experience when you lend them a helping hand, or the excitement of the homeless cats when they are pampered. Some of these animals were someone's pets before and they need attention. The reward for the volunteer's work is on the faces of animals in the few minutes of human warmth they receive.

During the high season (from November to April) some foreign friends - temporary residents and tourists - join us but in the summer we are fewer people and it's when more volunteers are needed.

We begin our work every Tuesday and Friday around 9:00 am. The main task is to walk the dogs that spend all their time locked in their kennels. We also assist in feeding dogs, cats and occasionally bathing some of them. Sometimes we perform other tasks like cleaning cages or washing dishes; in short, whatever is needed.

The Control Centre, Animal Care and Municipal Shelter has a code of ethics but don't panic is more or less what common sense dictates.

Volunteer Code of Ethics of the CCSA
  • Act with professionalism, humanity and efficiency in the tasks entrusted.
  • Provide the beneficiary with free and disinterested help, without expecting or accepting any kind of material compensation.
  • Know and assume the organization's ideas, statutes, goals, programs, regulations and work methods.
  • Confidentiality and discretion
  • Use responsibly the material assets that the organization makes available to the volunteer.
  • Commit in a meditated, free and responsible manner.
  • Respect the dignity and will of other volunteers.
  • Encourage teamwork to promote smooth communication and a comfortable working environment.
  • Facilitate the integration and training of all volunteers, especially the new ones in conditions of equality. Offer a warm and sincere welcome to those who start their volunteering.
  • Promote fellowship to avoid competition, protagonism, tensions and rivalries.
  • Create links between volunteers from different organizations.
  • Communicate with your activities, actions, words, those values ​​and ideals you pursue with your volunteer work. Be consistent with the volunteer attitude in your day to day work.


Pagopago Street, between Camino Real and Costa de Oro,
Col. Linda Vista Océano, Puerto Vallarta,
Postal Code 48344
Jalisco, Mexico  See map

Going by bus to Puerto Vallarta Animal Control Centre

Bus routes:
R-03: López Mateos - Remance
R-34: Infonavit - Cristobal Colón

From Nayarit: Meaning the Nayarit towns near Puerto Vallarta; such as Mezcales, Bucerias, Nuevo Vallarta, San José, San Juan, etc. The way to go using public transportation is by taking an ATM bus to Puerto Vallarta and go to the last stop. The last stop should be the Autotransportes Medina Terminal.

Once there you walk one block to Guatemala street to get the R-03 bus (it’s a blue and white bus and usually has a sign that says Jardines and/or Ramblases ) . The R-03 runs along an incomprehensible path but eventually gets to the “paved road”(they call it “la pavimentada”) near the Animal Control Centre. There are two versions of R-03 (route A and route B); one of them crosses the paved road and the other one gets on it and continues south. In one of them you get off as soon as it crosses the paved road in the other one as soon as it turns on the paved road. Unfortunately nobody knows this road by its name but in the map is called "Garza Blanca".

Maybe this map would help…

The two yellow arrows show the stops for R-03 (one is route A and the other one route B). The red line shows the path to walk to get to the animal shelter.

Important: Sometimes the bus driver of the ATM bus says that he is going to get diesel and bypasses the ATM bus terminal altogether and goes straight to a gas station near the Red Cross, which would be fine because then you would cross the libramiento (main road next to the gas station) and take the R-03 bus there.


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