Frequently Asked Questions about the Puerto Vallarta CCSA


The CCSA (then Centro de Acopio Animal) began its mission on June 14th, 2004 thanks to the initiative of the Zootechnician Veterinarian Doctors Association and to the decision of then Mayor, Lic. Gustavo González. Its main function was to collect stray dogs wandering the streets of Puerto Vallarta and to inculcate in the local population a different culture of caring for pets, taking advantage of the contribution in this regard of foreign residents and tourists.


CCSA Address:
Pagopago Street, between Camino Real & Costa de Oro,
Col. Linda Vista Oceano, Puerto Vallarta,
Postal Code. 48344
Jalisco, Mexico  See it in the map

Tel: (322) 293-3690


CCSA pretends to solve the problems associated with pets:

  • promote the culture of care and protection of animals,
  • promote respect and fair treatment of animals and the responsibility of their owners,
  • prevent and control the risks that pets could pose to the health of their owners and general population.

More official info (in Spanish)


Occasionally they receive a wild animal or some specimen not common in urban areas (e.g. donkey, pelican, owl, crocodile, iguana, etc.) but the centre is mostly about dogs and cats. At the moment there are # dogs and # cats registered.

Simplified blueprints of the Puerto Vallarta municipal animal shelter
layout of the Puerto Vallarta animal shelter
  1. Adoption kennels (cats)
  2. Admission kennels (cats)
  3. Individual kennels (dogs)
  4. Quarantine area (dogs)
  5. Multiple kennels (dogs)
  6. Nursing kennels (dogs)
  7. Operating room, office, storage room, dishwashing and bathing area
  8. Individual kennels with a view (dogs)
  9. Multiple kennels (dogs), bathroom, laundry room and storage
  10. Playground: Outdoor lot where dogs are taken periodically to run and play

CCSA has been a no-kill centre for several years now. Occasionally animals are sacrificed via painless lethal injection, when they are in irreversible pain or have severe injuries that will leave them with an undesirable quality of life. There are 2 charitable organizations: (Friends of Puerto Vallarta Animals and Dog 4 Life that frequently show interest for the animals in extreme situations and procure donations to help them. If you take a look at the list of animals you would notice that some (especially dogs) have been living for quite some time at the centre.


It's very easy to adopt an animal from the centre. You need to bring a copy of your id, a copy of a document proving your address and pay the adoption fee.

Adoption fee*

Animal Fee
Dog $500 pesos
Cat $350 pesos

* The animals are delivered sterilized, vaccinated and dewormed.

The Most Recent Adoptions (All since June 2017)

Help us get more animals adopted. If you know of someone living in (or visiting) the Vallarta area interested in a dog or a cat please tell them about this site.


At the CCSA there's always a need for donations: medicines, food, supplies, etc. Your help would be more efficient knowing the specific needs. You can call them at (322) 293-3690 (Spanish). You could also donate directly to one of the two organizations permanently involved with this centre: Friends of Puerto Vallarta Animals and Dog 4 Life. (English)

Some animals are vulnerable and required special care before they are ready for final adoption. If you are not ready to adopt but could become a temporary home to a cat or a dog please let us know to match you with an animal of your choice.

If you wish to donate to help the animals at our shelter please click on the button below.

Also of great importance is to join the group of volunteers who go there twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays from 9:00 am) to collaborate with the centre. You don't have to commit to go every time; once in while helps. The main task is to walk dogs but also bathe some of them and assist on various tasks.

PV animal shelter benefactors
Friends of Puerto Vallarta Animals

Friends of PV Animals is a group of dedicated volunteers who are committed to the well-being of the homeless pets staying at the municipally run pound. This No-Kill shelter is staffed by veterinarians and caretakers who work hard to ensure each animal's basic needs are met. We rely on donations to provide food and medicine to the animals in the care of the shelter. We also manage the work of volunteers at the shelter every Tuesday and Friday. Donations of supplies or in the form of cash are much appreciated.

Friends of Puerto Vallarta Animals