Puerto Vallarta Dog Pound Stats

The Shelter by Numbers

We started compiling data in June 2017, since then 631 dogs have been registered at the shelter. They arrive by different causes: left by their owners at our door during closing hours, brought in by the Green Patrol after reports of abuse, bites or neglect, found injured or very sick on the streets of Puerto Vallarta. etc. Of these 631 dogs, 470 dogs have been adopted and 118 dogs have died or have been sacrificied for health or safety issues. A total of 43 dogs are currently waiting to be adopted. Please consider giving them a chance, especially the ones that have been waiting a long time.

The following stats are related to all the dogs in our records not just the ones currently available for adoption

Distribution by Dog Breed

Australian Sheppard: 5

Belgian Sheppard: 1

Boston Terrier: 1

Boxer: 4

Bull Terrier: 2

Chihuahua: 39

Cocker Spaniel: 5

Collie: 4

Dachshund: 2

Dalmatian: 2

Doberman: 4

German Sheppard: 6

Husky: 2

Jack Russell Terrier: 1

Labrador: 38

Mastiff: 2

Mixed Breed: 373

Pit-bull: 92

Pit-bull + Mastiff: 2

Poodle: 13

Pug: 3

Rottweiler: 4

Schnauzer: 3

Sharpei: 3

Terrier: 20

  1. "Adopted" means the dog has been placed in a home localy or internationaly, returned to its original owner, or transferred permanently to another institution such as SPCA. Dogs currently in foster homes do not count as adopted.
  2. Dog sizes are assigned at the discretion of the staff and for puppies they mean the expected size once they reach adulthood.
  3. Breeds are rarely pure - they are assigned by aproximation of the specimen's look to the closest breed.