Dogs from the PV Animal Shelter


¿When did he arrive at the centre?: 22-11-2018 – a stay of 880 days
¿How did it arrive?: Alone
¿Where is it now? (kennel): Individual

Gender: Male

Breed: Pit-bull

Size: Large

Behaviour: Social

Age: 3 years, 11 months

Animal description: Reddish brown with light brindle pattern, lighter snout, brown nose, white stripe on his forehead. Slight malformation in one of his front paws, his skull and one of his ears

A happy guy moderately active, very obedient and calm. Always smiling and waiting to be petted. For all types of families. Preferably to be the only dog at home. He's an alpha male

Payment options (CAD) for 6 months

Sponsored Animal

Medical Treatments Received at the Centre:

Sterilized: 04-12-2018

Tick and Flea Control
Blood Tests