Dogs from the PV Animal Shelter


¿When did she arrive at the centre?: 02-11-2023 – a stay of 254 days
¿How did it arrive?: 5 puppies: Kai, Kalhúa, Kaly, Keila & Khaleesi
¿Where is it now? (kennel): Quarantine

Gender: Female

Breed: Mixed Breed

Size: Medium

Weight: 14 kg

Behaviour: Social

Age: 10 months

Animal description: Keila is a cute doggy that looks like a cow with her black fur and her tan spots. She has very tender paws, very kissable cheeks and very expressive eyebrows. Her nose and eyes are black as coal. She is a very sweet and affectionate doggy that is looking for a home where she will be loved a lot.

Payment options (CAD) for 6 months

Sponsored Animal

Medical Treatments Received at the Centre:

Sterilized: 27-03-2024

Tick and Flea Control
Blood Tests