Dogs from the PV Animal Shelter


¿When did she arrive at the centre?: 04-12-2023 – a stay of 222 days
¿How did it arrive?: 2 sisters: Manuela & Manola
¿Where is it now? (kennel): Quarantine

Gender: Female

Breed: Pug

Size: Medium

Weight: 12.5 kg

Behaviour: Social

Age: 2 years

Animal description: If you are looking for a faithful, loving and fun companion, Manola is the perfect dog for you! Manola is a beige pug mix, with a cute white spot on her chest. Her snout is dark and flat, which gives her a very funny and sweet expression. Manola has big and bright eyes that look at you with love and curiosity. She loves to play, walk and get petted.

Payment options (CAD) for 6 months

Sponsored Animal

Medical Treatments Received at the Centre:

Sterilized: No

Blood Tests