Dogs from the PV Animal Shelter


¿When did he arrive at the centre?: 18-01-2023 – a stay of 542 days
¿How did it arrive?: Alone
¿Where is it now? (kennel): Quarantine

Gender: Male

Breed: Pitbull

Size: Large

Weight: 23 kg

Behaviour: Social

Age: 3 years, 6 months

Animal description: This handsome pitbull is a sight to behold with his striking black coat and distinctive white markings on his paws, chest, head, and ears. His nose is sleek and black, adding to his overall sleek and powerful appearance

Payment options (CAD) for 6 months

Sponsored Animal

Medical Treatments Received at the Centre:

Sterilized: 29-03-2023

Tick and Flea Control