Dogs from the PV Animal Shelter


¿When did she arrive at the centre?: 07-07-2022 – a stay of 737 days
¿How did it arrive?: Mom (Lola) and 9 puppies: Lala, Lili, Lisa, Liz, Lois, Lolis, Lorenzo, Lory & Lula
¿Where is it now? (kennel): Multiple

Gender: Female

Breed: Mixed Breed

Size: Medium

Behaviour: Social

Age: 2 years

Animal description: This female dog is a beautiful shade of brown with a dark snout, giving her a unique and striking appearance

Payment options (CAD) for 6 months

Sponsored Animal

Medical Treatments Received at the Centre:

Sterilized: 01-11-2022

Tick and Flea Control
Blood Tests